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Main Female Library
Tuesday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Male Section Library
Tuesday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Policies and Regulations

Library Rules and Regulation

  1. All library users will be asked to sign in the “Daily Library Monitoring Form” upon entering the library.
  2. Identification card shall be presented upon loaning any materials or availing any library services.
  3. Eating, drinking, smoking and sleeping in the library is not allowed.
  4. Talking loudly and making loud discussions is not allowed. Silence must be observed at all times
  5. Doing unnecessary activities that may disturb other users is prohibited.
  6. Littering and loitering are prohibited.
  7. Playing online game in cell phone, computer and other gadgets is not allowed.
  8. Cellular phones must be in silent mode.
  9. Proper dress code must be observed.
  10. Valuable things including laptops can be brought inside the library, however the librarian is not responsible in case of loses.

Photocopy & Printing Services

Photocopying and printing services are deployed to help the library users save all information selected. However strict compliance to copyright law must be observed all the time. To observe the copyright law the following guidelines must be observed;

Copying machine is available at the following price;

Printing Prices.PNG

Copyright Statement

Print Resources: Maximum of a chapter or at most 10 pages, whichever is higher can be copied at a time.

Digital Resources: As per publisher allowance on downloading.

Lost and Damaged Book

All lost and damaged library materials will be charged with its equivalent market value plus SR100 as processing fee.