FCMS Medical Library

The college is provided with a central library that includes many updated references for different specialties in medical sciences as well as the basic sciences, general courses, Islamic culture and Arabic Language. Regarding the periodic and scientific magazines the library is provided with the Saudi Digital services. The library also offers a guide on how to use the library, the system of borrowing books, computer services and internet.

Major Functions

  • Manages the planning and administrative functions of library services.

  • Provides effective access to library collections and resources.

  • Maintains the organization of library materials.

  • Provides library services in response to the information needs of library users.

  • Assists faculty teaching staff and students through various mechanisms by providing access to the needed information.

  • Trains library users to effectively search the Library catalogue and Saudi digital library.

  • Provides a library loan service for both book and audiovisual materials and maintain the records.

  • Receives recommended books list from Head of Departments.

  • Maintains circulation files, records and statistics

  • Arranges scheduling of discussion rooms in the library for teaching staff and students.

  • Communicate with other libraries to provide access to resources outside the college

  • Encourages the students to read books and e-learning resources, which improve their lifelong learning.